Dual Language Academy
Focus of the Program
Students will develop fluency in communication and literacy in two languages; they will be bi-literate in both English and Spanish. The will also have an understanding and appreciation of other cultures from learning languages and working with other cultures in an authentic environment.
Program Characteristics
  • Pre-K through fifth grade 
  • Entry Grade: Pre-k and Kindergarten
  • 50% native Spanish speakers and 50% native English speakers
  • Lottery by application following district transfer policy
  • Continuous professional development for principal, teachers and support staff including language immersion, multicultural education, cultural and linguistic diversity and second language acquisition
Curriculum Components
  • State based standards taught through a second language
  • Strong literacy instruction
  • Integrated thematic units
  • Cooperative learning
  • Small group instruction
  • Enrichment activities (field trips, cultural performances, guest speakers, participation in performances and contests)
  • Art, Music and Physical Education
  • Math is taught in English
  • Social studies and science are taught in Spanish
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