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Vote on March 3 Tulsa Public Schools
2015 TPS Bond Proposal

Vote el 3 de marzo Escuelas Públicas de Tulsa
Propuesta de bono de TPS para el 2015


Celebrate Reading!!!

Monday, March2: If your child eats lunch in the cafeteria,

 they will be served “Green Eggs and Ham.” 

Students can also wear their “Grinchiest” green clothes today in honor of

 the beloved book Green Eggs and Ham.


Tuesday, March 3: In honor of Fox in Socks, we will have Foxiest Socks Day,

wear crazy socks today and make sure that we can see them!


Wednesday, March4: In honor of Oh, the Places You’ll Go,

dress for your future profession.


Thursday, March 5: Students can wear pajamas to school in honor of Sleep Book,

 make sure students wear appropriate footwear  No slippers!


Friday, March 8: Cat in the Hat Day, everyone needs to wear a crazy hat to school. 

This could be a Seuss inspired hat that you make or just your favorite hat.


Celebremos La Lectura!

Lunes 2 de marzo: Si su hijo come el almuerzo en la cafeteria, le servirán

“Huevos Verdes y Jamón” Los alumnus también podrán traer su ropa verde más

 “Grubcguest” en honor a nuestro querido libro, Green Eggs and Ham.


Martes 3 de marzo: En honor al zorro en calcetines,

traeremos calcetines alocados y asegúrense de que se puedan ver!

Miércoles 4 de marzo: En honor a Oh, Los Lugares a los que iras,

Vístete para tu future profesión.


Jueves 5 de marzo: Los alumnus podrán traer pijamas a la escuela para hacerle

 honor Libro del dormer, asegúrense de que los alumnus se

 pongan calzado adecuado.  Sin Pantuflas!


Viernes 6 de marzo: Día del Gato en el ombrero, todos deben de traer

un sombrero alocado a la escuela.  Puede ser un sombrero

 inspirado por el Dr. Seuss o simplemente tu sombrero favorito.

Parent-Teacher Conference Sign Up


Click on the teacher's name to go to their Sign Up Genius page, in order to

sign up for parent teacher conferences:

Haga click en el nombre de la maestra para apuntarse en la pagina de Sign Up Genius, para su conferencia con la maestra de su hijo:

Pre-K- Ms. C. Fernandez

First Grade- Ms. Sayol

First Grade- Ms. DeRamus

Second Grade- Mrs. Sandoval

Second Grade- Mr. Lopez

Third Grade- Ms. Fernandez




School Supplies
Uniform Policy


Additions have been made to the uniform policy, please check regarding changes: Uniform Policy

Get Connected!

We are happy to announce the launch of our school’s official mobile app. SchoolWay™ allows you to get the school information you want and need—anytime, anywhere and straight from your phone. It’s free to download and use!

 SchoolWay offers information like:                                                        

 ·   Activity calendars

·    Teacher contact information

·    Access to student grades

·    Alerts from school and teachers

·     So much more!

 Download from the app store today!

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