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DLA Tour Dates -- Fechas del Recorrido DLA


January 10 @ 9 am/10 de enero @ 9 am


January 12 @ 1 pm/12 de diciembre @ 1 pm

Please sign up for one of the tours listed above.


Transfer applications/Aplicaciones para trasferencias

November 27--January 19/del 27 de noviembre al 19 de enero

Lottery drawing/sorteo de lotería

March 8/8 de marzo

letters sent out to parents/cartas enviadas a los padres

March 13/13 de marzo

Deadline for parents to confirm spot at DLA/fecha límite para confirmar su lugar en DLA

March 28/28 de marzo







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Uniform Policy


Additions have been made to the uniform policy, please check regarding changes: Uniform Policy

Get Connected!

We are happy to announce the launch of our school’s official mobile app. SchoolWay™ allows you to get the school information you want and need—anytime, anywhere and straight from your phone. It’s free to download and use!

 SchoolWay offers information like:                                                        

 ·   Activity calendars

·    Teacher contact information

·    Access to student grades

·    Alerts from school and teachers

·     So much more!

 Download from the app store today!

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